Digitalization is already significantly impacting the job profile of client advisors in financial services institutions


It is well understood that digitalization is having a significant impact on the job profile of client advisors at financial services institutions – and this will continue in the near future. Our research shows that one out of every two financial professionals believes that the job profile of client advisors will dramatically change already in the next three years.


The statement most strongly supported in our survey is that client advisors will be required to change their work practices and make increasing use of digital tools (3.8). This in particular is based on the assumption that the use of the modern tools and applications will be critical to successfully advise clients.


This goes hand in hand with the understanding that client advisors will have to focus on providing more complex and holistic advice (3.7) and further develop their communication and conversation skills. There is a perception that standardized services are increasingly being handled by digital means, so that the client advisor is primarily called upon for more complex services. Thus, in the future client advisors will excel by understanding their clients’ needs and by their outstanding communication skills.


Diagram: Effects of digitalisation on the future job profile of client advisors
Scale: 1.0 = disagree, 4.0 = agree


There is also broad agreement that the client advisor’s ability to identify and attract promising business opportunities will only become more critical over time. Client advisors are increasingly required to act as entrepreneurs and manage the relationship with their clients proactively and effectively.


Last but not least, intellectual and analytical abilities are seen to play a way more important role in job profile of client advisors. Advice is offered to clients more holistically and it is indispensable for client advisors to profoundly understand the offering prepared by experts in the middle and back office.

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